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275 Prospect St. Norwood MA 02062
Septemeber 27th, 2016

Unleash Your Professional Potential With The DiSC® Method Workshop

­­­‪­‪­­­­­­­‪‪‪‪­­‪­‪‪‪‪­­­­‪‪­­­­­‪­­­­‪­‪‪­­‪­It’s non-judgmental, measuring your personality and behavioral style, not your intelligence, aptitude or values. Knowing your DiSC® profile gives you an advantage in an interview or networking, helping you build rapport quickly to make a lasting impact. DiSC® also allows you to identity the communication style of the person you're meeting with and adapt to that style. It improves your ability to function on a team, make a sale, or lead and manage a group. 

Participants Will Gain the Following Benefits:

 •          You’ll understand your own and others communications styles

•          You’ll know what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you best solve problems

•          You’ll develop stronger persuasion skills by identifying and responding to customer styles

•          You’ll become a better team leader/member, able to respond to and minimize conflict

•          You’ll become a more self-confident, well-rounded and effective leader





About Our Workshop Facilitator:


Dawn Quesnel is passionate about helping people achieve their short term career objectives and long-term career goals. Her ground-breaking BRIDGE Method provides a path for finding gainful employment 50% faster than using the traditional approachs. Affectionately know as Coach DQ , Dawn has been a Certified Co-Active Coach for over 13 years. She began her career as an executive recruiter placing sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals. Dawn is a certified DiSC®administrator, WIND South Dawn Quesnel Networking Facilitator and leads the Regional Networking Group for Job Seekers 50+. She graduated Cum Laude from Suffolk University with a BS in Business & Entrepreneurship, is a member the International Coach Federation, NE Chapter, and was awarded the “Thomas Lennard Career Coach of the Year” in 2011.                                          


Cost:$49.00              Assessment Fee: $38.00  Total: $87.00

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Registration is required by 10:00pm on September 26th, 2016. A link will be emailed to you upon registration. Follow the link to take the assessment and your score will be printed out for you the day of the workshop.