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The Healing Moon Wellness Center 34 School St. Foxboro MA 02035 Unit 101
November 17th

Exploring Your Life Purpose Workshop

Your core knows your true life purpose and it’s only a matter of answering the right question and trusting your inner self. You’ve been searching and seeking answers to better understand your true self.

  Do you feel you’re on the wrong path in life?

Are you surrounded by people who hold you back instead of supporting your goals and dreams? 

 Are you bored, stuck, or frustrated, at work or at home?

Participants Will Gain the Following Benefits:


  • A clear understanding of the difference between your “Inherited Life Purpose” and your True Life Purpose.
  • Knowing how to avoid the trap of living your inherited life purpose
  • Techniques and exercises that create experiential learning and interaction
  • 5 new insights to lead you on the path toward your true life purpose
  • New connections, partnerships and options for support



About Our Workshop Facilitator:

             I had the opportunity to take the Explore Your Life Purpose class with Dawn Quesnel (Coach DQ) as the leader. There were about 15 women in the room, all who were trying to figure out the next steps in their lives. Dawn started out the program with the customary introductions; however, she made each individual feel very personal, like they were the only one in the room. She then facilitated several exercises to help us understand our strengths and what career next step may be viable for us. It was magical. Dawn is an excellent leader and has amazing facilitation skills. She can take a group of individuals; make them feel special, and also part of a unit.
-Lesley Engelson

Dawn Quesnel is passionate about helping people achieve their short term career objectives and long-term career goals. Her ground-breaking BRIDGE Method provides a path for finding gainful employment 50% faster than using the traditional approachs. Affectionately know as Coach DQ , Dawn has been a Certified Co-Active Coach for over 13 years. She began her career as an executive recruiter placing sales, marketing, advertising and creative professionals. Dawn is a certified DiSC®administrator, WIND South Dawn Quesnel Networking Facilitator and leads the Regional Networking Group for Job Seekers 50+. She graduated Cum Laude from Suffolk University with a BS in Business & Entrepreneurship, is a member the International Coach Federation, NE Chapter, and was awarded the “Thomas Lennard Career Coach of the Year” in 2011.                                          

For any questions on how to sign up Email or call 617-755-8611