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Wednesday November 18, 2015
1:00 pm - 4:30pm

Video Mock Interviewing Workshop

Are you getting interviews but running into stiff competition?
Do you get very positive comments on your resume but never get beyond the first round?                                Are you apprehensive about an upcoming interview?

Want to REALLY sharpen up your interviewing skills to beat the others? 

Sign up for this uniquely powerful video mock interviewing workshop.

Fred Nothnagel, WIND's Executive Director and a 20-year veteran Career Coach, will give you a tough 25-minute non-technical mock interview for a specific job of your choice with others also observing and commenting afterward in a highly structured way.  Your interview will be recorded on a mini-DVD, which is yours to keep.

There's room for 4 interviewees and 6 observers.  All will fill out a feedback form and verbally comment on each interview immediately following it.  Prep instructions will be e-mailed to all interviewees who register by 7pm on Tuesday the 17th. 

Space is limited - there are only 4 interviewee slots, so sign up early to be guaranteed a space. 


Fred has run this workshop many times, interviewed dozens of candidates as a manager, mock interviewed hundreds of individuals, and has acquired a reputation — one participant wrote “you must be the toughest interviewer in Massachusetts,” and a former colleague, who has worked as a Career Consultant for 20+ years, said “I doubt I could be that tough…” after watching Fred interview a client.

If you do well in this mock interview, you’ll do well in any real one.  Take the challenge, get some great practice and learn a lot about interviewing in a hands-on, no-risk setting.

When:  1:00-4:30pm  Wednesday, November 18
Where: Room 1-3 Wilmington United Methodist Church, 87 Church St. (Rt.62), Wilmington, MA     
Cost:  Interviewees: $49 MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED
        Observers: $30 if pre-registered, $35 for walk-ins

To register: e-mail